Analytical Approach to find solution

Analytical approach to find solutions for problems:

Analytical approach or Analytical thinking to solve a problem is the best method and I have tried to explain it in a simplified manner.


Identifying problem:

When an incident or issue happens more than one time it is identified as a problem and requires a solution to solve the problem. Defining or understanding the problem is very important as a very clear problem definition will lead to a correct solution.

First when a problem is identified it is important to understand the root cause of the problem in order to nail it. There are various methods or tools that can be used to identify the root cause.

Cause and effect (AKA Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagram): This method allows analyzing the root cause of the issue.

Brainstorming: This method allows analyzing the importance of the problem and collects more facts.


Hypothesis: Speculate various questions about the problem and try to answer. This will lead to identify the roots of the issue and collection of facts.


Collect Facts: Facts are important to understand the real issue beneath the problem. The facts can be collected using various tools or methods like interviews, observation, brainstorming, facilitated focus groups, surveys and questionnaires.


Analysis: The problems need to be analyzed before deciding on solution. This can be done using various quantitative methods like Benchmarking, Pareto chart, SWOT analysis, what if analysis, decision tree.


Solution: Derive all possible solutions to the problem based on the analysis. Compare one another using one of the various methods like impact matrix, measure weight, and impact analysis. Select the best solution that could match up the situation as there is no one best solution for all problems.


Good Luck!


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