Raci Chart made simple


It is an important tool to track ‘who is doing what’ on any given projects. This technique is not only restricted to IT projects whereas it can be applied to any projects including day to day activities. More and more modern technique’s show us that ‘simple the better’ to manage.

First let’s see what is RACI Chart and then we will see how to apply this.

R – Responsible: The person who performs the actual job.

A – Accountable: The person who is ultimately answerable.

C- Consulted: The person who contributes to the project (Two way communications).

I – Informed: The person who is been informed or completion/deliverables (One way communication).

Project: Analytics BI Implementation

To make it simpler let’s take a small example of making a pineapple cake at home. Now my mouth starts watering…

Project: Homemade Pineapple cake

If you see the younger kid has been ‘informed’ at the stage ‘buying the ingredients’ because he/she is being consulted on the next stage to find out when they need the cake. There is one exception to the above chart that there are 2 people responsible for eating. But technically in a project there cannot be two people responsible for single task. But since it is our example cake project we go with the exception.

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