Table Size

The following script will help you identifying the size of all the tables within current database in Kilobytes along with row numbers, index size and unused space.
Please make sure when you copy and paste to your management studio on the quotes.

Create Table #temp (
table_name sysname ,
row_count int,
reserved_size varchar(50),
data_size varchar(50),
index_size varchar(50),
unused_size varchar(50))

insert #temp exec sp_msforeachtable ‘sp_spaceused ”?”’

select a.table_name,
count(*) as col_count,
a.data_size as DATA,
a.reserved_size as RESERVED,
a.index_size as INDEX_SIZE,
a.unused_size as UNUSED
from #temp a
inner join information_schema.columns b on a.table_name = b.table_name
group by
a.table_name, a.row_count, a.data_size, a.reserved_size,a.index_size,a.unused_size
Order by CAST(Replace(a.data_size, ‘ KB’, ”) as integer) desc
drop table #temp


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